Day 2

08:30 – Registration

Session 1 – Creating a Powerful Partnership with your Boss – Presented by Marjon Meyer

Powerful partnerships are all about two successful people blending their strengths to get the best possible outcome. When an executive and their assistant establish a strong strategic and supportive business partnership, the possibilities for both careers are endless as the success is felt throughout the organisation.

10:00 – Morning Network Break

Session 2 – Personal Branding – Presented by Nokuthula Luthuli

In the ultra-competitive, social media-driven workplace of today it takes more than just hard work to stand out from the crowd. As we all compete for airtime and recognition, it has become more vital than ever to leverage personal branding.

Session 3 – Good Morning, Mr Mandela – Presented by Zelda La Grange

Zelda will share her story of how she had her life, beliefs, prejudices and everything she once believed utterly transformed. She will illustrate that change is possible and share the many ways in which Mr Mandela influenced her life as well as the many lessons that she learnt during her career, as she rose from a junior Secretary to become Nelson Mandela’s private Secretary.

12:30 – Lunch

Session 4 – IKIGAI – The Secret to a Long and Happy Life – Presented by Enkromelle Andrew

The people of Okinawa village in Japan believe everyone has an IKIGAI, even the greatest leaders the world has seen are driven by something that nudged them out of bed each day. It is important to discover and determine your WHY. When the picture of WHY you do it, WHY your organisation does it, is clear then how, when or what you do is done to the best of your ability.

Session 5 – Developing a Growth Mindset – Presented by Grant Driver

Our mindset is the way we think, filter our thoughts and make meaning of a situation. Is mindset fixed, or can we change it? The research suggests that the mindset we choose, and specifically the mindset around the choice of words we use, the communication we choose with others and ourselves, and our approach towards learning, can have far-reaching influences on our potential to succeed. Grant’s highly engaging and inspiring presentation truly unpacks the secret to success

15:30 – Afternoon Networking Break and Free Time

18:45 – Colour Your Space – Neon Garden inspired Gala Dinner hosted at The Shebeen

The Best Dressed delegate will win a R 1000 prize!