Enkromelle Andrew

Former Miss Earth Zimbabwe, Motivational Speaker, Strategy & Marketing Consultant

Enkromelle Andrew


Known for her electric stage presence, Former Miss Zimbabwe 2016, Enkromelle is a Motivational speaker and Strategy & Marketing Management consultant. Her cutting-edge style in the delivery of her motivational keynote talks inspires and leads individuals and organisations towards top performance. In her life-altering talks, filled with ground-breaking insights she helps bring a different perspective on how to turn work challenges into opportunities. Her power sessions teach the art of unconventional thinking as a means to come up with new, fresh and ground-breaking ideas. The energy and inspirations that she brings to her sessions will have you raring to go.

SESSION 4: IKIGAI – The Secret to a Long and Happy Life

The people of Okinawa village in Japan believe everyone has an IKIGAI, even the greatest leaders the world has seen are driven by something that nudged them out of bed each day. It is important to discover and determine your WHY. When the picture of WHY you do it, WHY your organisation does it, is clear then how, when or what you do is done to the best of your ability. IKIGAI directly translated means “that which I wake up for” and is a Japanese concept used to indicate the things that make one’s life worthwhile. IKIGAI emphasises the balance of the four primary elements, what you love to do (Your Passion), what the world needs you to do (Your Mission), what you are good at (Your Vocation) and what you can be paid to do (Your Profession).

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