Grant Driver

PACSA Emcee, Mentor, Facilitator and Coach

Grant Driver


Often referred to as Mr. PACSA, is an engaging, interactive and humorous speaker who has the ability to translate complex information into tangible and practical wisdom that empowers audience members to get long-term value out of his presentations. Grant is an international speaker and leading executive and business coach who has dedicated his life to facilitating the success of others. He has worked in diverse industries and numerous organisations in the areas of people engagement, personal brand, inspirational leadership, communication and building a legacy. Grant was recently inducted as a lifetime member of the Hall of Fame of the PSASA (Professionals Speakers Association of South Africa).

SESSION 5: GROW – Developing a Growth Mindset

Our mindset is the way we think, filter our thoughts and make meaning of a situation. Is mindset fixed, or can we change it? The research suggests that the mindset we choose, and specifically the mindset around the choice of words we use, the communication we choose with others and ourselves, and our approach towards learning, can have far-reaching influences on our potential to succeed. Grant’s highly engaging and inspiring presentation truly unpacks the secret to success. Using research conducted into the neuroscience of leadership, Grow includes the following key insights and a take-home value including what a Growth mindset is and how to develop and use it for a successful career!

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