Marjón Meyer

Marjón Meyer

Well-accomplished Training & HR Specialist, insightful Speaker, Facilitator and Coach

Marjon Meyer


Marjon Meyer is an Industrial Sociologist and a Human Resource Development Consultant. She is an experienced, energetic and enthusiastic facilitator of various training programmes. She is in demand for training, strategic sessions, chairing conferences, consultation and implementation of Management and Leadership training, building strategies, coaching, development work and motivational talks. Marjón has extensive local and international experience in Facilitation, Programme Design, Skills Gap Analyses and Assessments. She facilitates courses such as Management & Leadership, Human Resources Management, Confidence & Assertiveness, Project management, Business Writing, Customer Service, Time management, Skills for PAs, Emotional Intelligence, Diversity management, Creative Problem Solving etc.

SESSION 1: Creating a Powerful Partnership with Your Boss

Powerful partnerships are all about two successful people blending their strengths to get the best possible outcome, and when an executive and the assistant establish a strong strategic and supportive business partnership, the possibilities for both careers are endless as the success is felt throughout the organisation. We all recognise strong partnerships when we encounter them and are often left wondering what steps were taken to create the trust and respect that is displayed in their behaviour? How did they become so confident in one another’s abilities? How can I build a similar relationship with my boss? This informative session will provide you with some clear answers to these questions and help you to develop a roadmap towards creating a successful relationship with your boss.