Vivek Wadhera

Renowned Keynote Speaker, Corporate Executive and Thought Leader.

Vivek Wadhera


Vivek is a seasoned corporate executive who has a passion for sensitising others to the power of cultural diversity to drive innovation, leadership, and profits, whilst preserving identities of individual cultures. He believes that being a cultural “outsider” could be the best thing that could happen to an individual/group. Vivek’s work equips an organisations culture to support innovation-based partly on Design Thinking mindsets – rather than typical top-down processes. With his focus on empathising with the end user, Vivek’s work enables Transformation in corporate South Africa by allowing companies to truly connect and collaborate, across diverse cultures & groups, with end customers, employees, and citizens.

SESSION 6: Cultural Disruption – Transform Your Culture to Innovate

Diversity is a term that is thrown around in business so often that it’s true meaning has become eroded by its commonality. For Administrative Professionals, diversity is an unavoidable element of the job and can be a real challenge. South Africa’s marketplace brings many cultures together and learning to identify what makes us different can not only help prevent conflict, but it can also add immense value to a workforce. Vivek will show how business cultures need to be disrupted to connect with different stakeholder groups and cultures (e.g. millennials) – or risk extinction. Woven around this concept is his hilarious personal journey, from growing up in small-town Botswana, to working in the USA for Harley-Davidson, to returning to SA.

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