Zelda la Grange

Zelda La Grange

Exceptional Motivational Speaker and Former PA to Former President Nelson Mandela.

Zelda La Grange


Zelda started her career in 1992 at the Department of State Expenditure and in 1994 applied for a job in the Office of the first democratic Presidency. In 1999, President Mandela hand-picked her to remain in his services beyond retirement. She has been awarded by many organisations for her dedication and service to the late Nelson Mandela. She currently serves as the Patron for the First for Women Foundation, non-executive Director of Healing Hands and annually acts as a coordinator of Bikers for Mandela Day through which she pays tribute and shares lessons learnt from her former boss in a charitable way. She is also a part-time employee of the Foundation for Professional Development where she presents leadership training. She continues to inspire people through her motivational speaking by sharing her life experiences on the international speaker circuit.

SESSION 3: Good Morning, Mr Mandela

Zelda La Grange began working as a secretary for the government in 1992, in the Department of State Expenditure. In 1993 she moved to the Human Resource division and in 1994 she joined the office of the first democratically elected President of South Africa as a senior ministerial typist. She was promoted to one of President Nelson Mandela’s three private secretaries in 1997 and in 1999 Nelson Mandela requested her to remain in his services beyond retirement. Zelda will share her story of how she had her life, beliefs, prejudices and everything she once believed utterly transformed. She will illustrate that change is possible and share the many ways in which Mr Mandela influenced her life as well as the many lessons that she learnt during her career, as she rose from a junior Secretary to become Nelson Mandela’s private Secretary.