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Professional Passenger Services

Professional Passenger Services was started in late 1996 as a one-man operation with very little capital, a finance agreement, a vehicle and a vision, by the now Managing Director, Dorian R Toussaint, as a passenger transport service between various destinations and Johannesburg International Airport.

The service was primarily aimed at the corporate market but later grew to incorporate in-bound leisure travellers coming to visit our beautiful South Africa.

Dorian soon realised that there was a huge amount of opportunity within the fledgling industry and structured a business plan whereby the company, which later changed from a closed corporation to a PTY Ltd, would provide a range of transport services on a private basis not only in Johannesburg but in other key centres throughout South Africa.

The plan would be to carefully grow the company, not to be the biggest but to be the best, to maintain that personal touch and to diversify our services as long as they complimented each other and added value to clients and shareholders alike.

Obviously, as time goes by plans change, and as much as Professional Passenger Services focuses on its key objectives to deliver a reliable and professional transport services at competitive rates to its valued clients it will continue to try new ventures of which some will be realised as true and real value-added services.

Professional Passenger Services is a passenger transport operator with a diverse range of services and takes interest in providing a service to the individual or to the masses through our unique and hands-on approach to all and anybody who has a need for and wishes to experience Professional Passenger Service’.

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