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Welcome to Rain Scents

Rain Scents offer inspired fragrances which you can be purchased online. We also offer a subscription-based option to continuously get your favourite fragrances.

We offer a range of fragrances for males and females in 30ml, 50 ml, 60 ml and 100ml bottles. Perfumed lotions are available in all of our fragrances.

Surprise Monthly Subscriptions:

Want to try out new fragrances? Subscribe to our monthly surprise subscription. This month we will ship three 30 ml bottles of our top sellers including a few samples out to our subscribers for only R220 excluding delivery to explore the world of fragrances.

Rain Scents My Favourite Fragrances Monthly:

Do you know what your favourite fragrances are? We will ship your favourite fragrances to your door every month so that you don't ever run out! Let us know what your favourite fragrances are and we can deliver them to you every month.

We ship free samples with every order!

Visit our Facebook page to see our monthly specials. We are launching our website soon so watch this space!

To make an order for your favourite fragrances, email ordersrainscents@gmail.com or send a WhatsApp to 079 517 2544.

Rain Scents

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