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The business landscape and the administrative profession has changed dramatically in the past two years. COVID-19 and the 4th industrial revolution have caused a major digital disruption in the way we work and live.

Despite the threat of uncertainty and a rapidly changing business environment, this also poses an opportunity for you to grow and thrive in your career.

Our Event Programme for PACSA 2022 focuses on key areas for you to RESET, READJUST, RESTART and REFOCUS to ensure you become more resilient and versatile in the era of continuous change.

DAY I: 24 May 2022


Arrive at Sun City and Check-In

14:30 -

Free Time

Free time to get settled in and explore Sun City.

16:00 -

Welcome Cocktail and Networking Session

19:00 - 21:00

Buffet Dinner at the SOHO Hotel

Delegates to have their dinner at their leisure, leaving time to enjoy the Sun City nightlife.

DAY II: 25 May 2022

08:30 -

Delegates Registration

Daily sign-in with CBM Training staff before the commencement of the day’s PACSA Sessions.

09:00 -

PACSA 2022 Welcome and Official Opening

09:45 -

Session 1: The Kindness Factor: Tapping into your Super Power

We live and operate in a ruthless and competitive world, so the question to ask is, is there really a place for the Kindness Factor in the world of business? Elmarie Vos will share her corporate and personal experiences, highlighting the numerous and value-adding benefits of the Kindness Factor in the workplace.

11:00 -

Session 2: Extraordinary Office Professionals are High Performers

Secretaries are the heart of every organisation and they are at the centre of all the dynamics that take place. This challenges them to constantly adjust to changes that are happening, be it positive or negative, and they can only do so when they have the tools and techniques which high performers use to be able to adjust and stand out. It is during these challenging economic and political times that face South Africa that people need to be empowered to be high performers, capable of having a meaningful impact in the workplace.

12:10 -

Session 3: Rise to the Top

Deshun is a South African mountaineer and businesswoman who was part of the first South African expedition to Mount Everest in 1996. This was the first time the new South Africa flag was planted on top of the world.

In the keynote, Deshun will share her inspirational story and insights to summit our own challenges to achieve personal and professional success.

14:00 -

Session 4: Project a Winning Image (Chata Romano Workshop)

Showing up in style is an investment in your self-esteem; a message sent to the world that you are confident, professional and successful! You will also learn how to mix-and-match on a budget and look professional on digital platforms.

15:00 -

Session 5: Bounce Back with a Growth Mindset

In this 60-minute interactive presentation, facilitated by Elmarie Vos and Grant Driver, you will gain practical insights into how to navigate stressful times in your life through resilience and a growth mindset. You will discover that even in the most challenging times, you can tap into the resources of creativity, positivity, optimism and personal growth.

19:00 -

Gala Dinner

Come dressed to theme and enjoy an evening of glitz and glamour, delicious food and of course a little razzle on the dance floor!

DAY III: 26 May 2022

08:30 -

Delegates Registration

Daily sign-in with CBM Training staff before the commencement of the day’s PACSA Sessions.

09:00 -

Session 6: Powerful Insights from a High-Profile Personal Assistant

In this session, Pamela will share her insights, her experiences and her tips on how you can respond to changing and multiple priorities, and how you can develop into a high profile administrative in your own right A strong believer in sharing and uplifting others, Pamela has mentored several upcoming office professionals.

10:00 -

Group Activity

11:00 -

Session 7: Mindfulness for Busy People

The world has changed dramatically. We need to adapt to “the new normal” where nothing is like it was in the past. Energy Management is a key focus in juggling multiple balls and dealing with blurring boundaries between work and home. In this session, you will how to manage stress, incorporate recovery into your new schedule, and access high-level brain functions.

12:00 -

Closing Session

12:30 -

Delegates Depart for Johannesburg

Limited seats available. Hurry up and book your seat today!

PACSA has contributed towards the continuous development and growth of administrators in Sub-Saharan Africa for over 18 years.

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