Be a Part of the Success: Sponsor the PACSA 2024 Adaptive Excellence Conference!

Looking to elevate your brand presence and connect with decision-makers who have the power to influence? Sponsor the prestigious PACSA 2024 Conference - where opportunities to showcase your products and services to the right audience abound.

Why Sponsor PACSA 2024?

  1. Reach the Real Decision-Makers: Senior administrators wield significant influence in the decision-making process. Promote your brand directly to those who manage offices and guide their organizations to success.

  2. Showcase Your Business: Launching a new product or aiming to penetrate the market? PACSA 2024 provides the perfect platform to showcase your offerings to a receptive audience.

  3. Reach Diverse Industries: With an 20-year track record, PACSA's established and verified database spans various industries throughout South Africa, offering exposure to both the private and public sectors.

  4. Extensive Brand Visibility: Gain brand exposure before, during, and after the conference across all our marketing collateral, social media platforms, and marketing communications.

  5. Networking and Lead Generation: Engage directly with delegates, fostering valuable connections and generating qualified leads.

  6. Future Partnership Opportunities: PACSA opens doors for future collaborations and internal staff development partnerships.

Sponsorship Package Selection:

Choose from our carefully crafted sponsorship packages designed to meet your objectives within your budget:

Headline Partnership (limited to 1 company) 
Investment: 150,000ZAR 

  • 5-Minute Opening Address: Kickstart the conference on the main stage with a compelling address to set the tone for the event.
  • 25-Minute Keynote Spot: Deliver your keynote directly after the opening address, positioning your company as a thought leader in the industry.

  • Full Access to Main Stage Sessions: Participate in all main stage sessions to engage with attendees and exchange ideas.

  • Highest Level Branding: Enjoy prominent branding across all signage and promotional materials, cementing your brand's visibility.

  • Content Hosting in the PACSA Guru Events: Host one piece of content in our Guru Events leading up to the conference for 3 months, positioning your brand as a champion of Adaptive Excellence.

  • Four Registration Passes: Bring your team to experience the full conference and seize networking opportunities.

    This limited Headline Partnership opportunity is available to only one company. Secure your spot now to shape the future of administrative excellence!


Become a Platinum Partner: Elevate Your Brand at PACSA 2024!
Investment: 100,000 ZAR
Limited to Only 3 Companies

Are you ready to stand out and take your brand to new heights? Secure your Platinum Partnership for the highly anticipated PACSA 2024 "Adaptive Excellence" Conference!

As a Platinum Partner, you'll enjoy exclusive benefits that position your company at the forefront of the industry:

  • 20-Minute Keynote Speaking Spot: Address our esteemed audience with a captivating 20-minute keynote speech, showcasing your expertise and thought leadership.
  • Access to Main Stage Sessions: Attend all main stage sessions, engaging with influential speakers and fellow attendees.
  • High-Level Branding: Benefit from prominent branding on all signage and promotional materials, maximizing your brand's visibility.
  •  Guru Events Networking Platform: Gain access to the Guru Events networking platform three events prior to the conference, allowing you to build connections and forge partnerships early.
  • Two Registration Passes: Bring your key team members to the conference, empowering them with insights and networking opportunities.

Don't miss out on this exclusive Platinum Partnership opportunity, limited to only three companies. Elevate your brand's presence, network with industry leaders, and inspire change at PACSA 2024!


Secure Your Diamond Partnership: Shine Bright at PACSA 2024!
Investment: 75,000 ZAR
Limited to Only 4 Companies

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level and make a lasting impact at PACSA 2024 "Adaptive Excellence" Conference? Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to become a Diamond Partner!

As a Diamond Partner, you'll enjoy exclusive benefits that position your company for success:

  • Access to 2 Main Stage Sessions: Immerse yourself in all main stage sessions, gaining insights from industry leaders and thought-provoking discussions.
  • High-Level Branding: Your brand will be prominently showcased on all signage and summit promotional materials, ensuring maximum visibility among attendees.
  • Guru Events Networking Platform: Gain early access to the Guru Events networking platform, allowing you to establish connections and foster partnerships ahead of the conference.
  • One Registration Pass: Join us at the conference and experience the invaluable networking opportunities and transformative sessions.

Don't miss this exclusive Diamond Partnership opportunity, limited to only four companies. Elevate your brand, connect with influential professionals, and make a powerful impact at PACSA 2024!

For more details and to secure your Diamond Partnership, contact us at Cassidy Cik on Cassidy.cik@cbm-training.co.za or 

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Create Your Tailored Partnership: Be a Driving Force at PACSA 2024!
Custom Packages Available
Investment: TBA 

Limited: No Limitations to amount of interested companies. 

At PACSA 2024 "Adaptive Excellence" Conference, we believe in meeting the unique needs of our esteemed sponsors. If you have a specific sponsorship idea or special requirements, we are here to craft a custom package that aligns perfectly with your goals.

Why Choose a Custom Package?

  • Tailored to Your Objectives: Our custom packages ensure that your brand's objectives and aspirations are at the forefront, delivering maximum impact.
  • Flexible and Versatile: We offer the flexibility to incorporate your desired elements, creating a unique sponsorship experience that resonates with your target audience.
  • Targeted Reach: Benefit from a precisely targeted reach that aligns with your niche, garnering the attention of the right decision-makers.

Don't miss this golden opportunity to shape the development of indirect decision-makers in South African organizations. Be a driving force at PACSA 2024 and make a lasting impact on the administrative landscape.

For sponsorship enquiries and to explore custom packages, contact Cassidy Cik | Marketing Manager at cassidy.cik@cbm-training.co.za.

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